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Welcome! We are leading door installation and repair contracting company in Singapore, with a penchant for glass doors. We specialise in glass door project, our size, design requirements, and placement notwithstanding. Additionally, having worked on numerous projects on the residential and commercial front, we accrued valuable experience in all matters glass doors such as shower screen, sliding door, frameless, wrought iron gate, kitchen door and tempered glass door. We also specialise in HDB Gates, bedroom & wooden door, folding door and various type of toilet door. You will be hard-pressed to find any other contractor with the understanding, hands-on experience, and even passion for our work than us.

Our Services

Door Repair

Repairing Glass Door Panel

We offer glass door and sliding door repair services designed to enable your door to function efficiently and safely. Our work includes fix sliding glass door track, replacement glass and etc. 

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Door Installation

As mentioned above, glass door and sliding door are increasingly becoming popular. As such, homeowners are investing in such doors. At A5 Door we offer glass door, door closer, door stopper, door viewer, doorbell installation and glass door replacement.

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Door Lock Repair

We offer high-quality door lock repair, digital door lock installation and 24 hour locksmith services in Singapore. Whichever locking mechanism that your door has, you can rest assured that our trained technicians can fix it when it fails for you.  

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If you need repair work done on your glass door or sliding door in Tampines, environs, and even all throughout Singapore, look no further than A5 Door. We have expert designers and technicians to design, install, maintain, and repair your doors. Give us call today and speak to our experienced customer care on anything glass and sliding doors.

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