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Welcome! We are one of the top glass door supplier and contractor that help numerous residential and business owner to design and install their glass doors. Our team has more than 5 years of experience in handling all kind of glass door related work including installation, replacement and repair.

Glass door installation would consist of first assembling and then installing the frames before placing the glass on the tracks. With the right professional service and proper materials, the installation or replacement of the glass doors can be very easy and hassle free for everyone.

Glass doors allows the enough amount of natural light to pass that would help in minimizing the use of artificial lights which in return, would lower the electricity cost. You also will not have any problems with termites and other pests as they would not harm any of the doors and no dust will accumulate. Learn more benefits here.

Type of Glass Door

There different types of glass doors that can be installed both in the offices or at home. Listed below are some of it and how it would help with your everyday activity.

Sliding Glass Door

Inspired by the sliding Shoji of the Japanese architecture, sliding glass doors are perfect for accessing the porch or backyard of the home. They also are a good source of natural light for the house. It is also a good way to save space as no extra space is needed for the swing of the door when you open it.  It also makes the transition from the room to room and outside to inside much easier and seamless.

Shower Screen

Shower screens can be folded, swing-opened, or sliding. It is ideal to make the bathroom look bigger and has more space as it creates an organic flow that expands the space. You can choose from frameless and framed door. More people chooses the frameless for the natural flow while the framed doors creates symmetry.

Kitchen Glass Door

Kitchen Glass Doors brings a different approach to the cleanliness and usefulness of the kitchen. As the place of dining and cooking, it is important that this area is kept clean and spacious. The glass door helps with this together with the natural lights that comes in. It is also easier to maintain as you just need to wipe the stains and not worry about termites.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass are widely used because it is safer and it resists breakage. It can withstand impacts, and weather conditions that makes it ideal especially for high-rising buildings. It also offers a crystal clear clarity and can be purchased in a range of patters and designs.

Frameless Glass  

Frameless glass makes the room more spacious and cleaner than regular doors and walls. It also offers an aesthetic value and at the same time, the durability that can withstand the weather. The frameless glass is also easier to clean and looks smoother in general. You can also choose from a single pane of glass or multiple panes depending on your needs. You can also choose from the clear one, or have the textured or colored depending on the designs you might need.

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