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Welcome! A5 Door supply and install various type of folding door for both residential and commercial area in Singapore. When it comes to modern and functional house designs, opting for a folding door is always a good idea. This type of door has been popular among residential and business spaces.

A5 Door is an experienced service company that has perfected the installation of the folding door. We make sure that your doors are durable and low-maintenance for a smoother operation of the door for a longer period. You can be assured that our professional team will handle the installation process, and all the supplies for the door are of top quality.

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Why Choose Folding Door?

With your very own door installation expert, there is no need to worry about achieving that dream folding door, anymore.

These doors are perfect for those spaces that could use some outdoor light and extra space. Folding doors are one of the most space efficient types of doors, and is also a cheaper alternative to sliding doors. Folding doors, which can conveniently be stacked on either side of the entryway can allow for easier movement of people. This is why it is a common choice for shops and homes. Learn more benefits here.

Type of Folding Door

Bi-fold door

Bi-fold door is the most popular type of folding door in the market today. Supplies for this type of door is readily available in the market and is relatively easier to install compared to other types. Bi-fold doors are also the most convenient choice to divide both internal and external walkways.

Multi-folding door

For wider spaces that rely greatly on outdoor lighting, the multi-folding door is the way to go. Often made from aluminium material, you can also use the multi-folding door to divide interior spaces. You can even get more creative with how it’ll look with the many decorative options available in the market today.

With A5 Door’s array of choices, you can choose your preferred material for your folding door. We offer PVC, glass, and wooden folding door installation.

Glass and PVC are commonly used for commercial establishments as they both allow transparency for the interior of the shop, without compromised security.

On the other hand, wooden folder doors are the common choices for residential spaces, given the privacy and benefits that they provide, as well as the solid look it instantly gives a property.

Whatever your choice of material would be, there’s no need to worry about durability!

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