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Do you have a glass door that’s damaged or a frame needs repaired? You must act on that quickly because it can be dangerous leaving your home and kids exposed to a broken glass door. Knowing when your door needs repair and replacement should be your priority. A5Door has its own team of experts with the skills to do repairs and replacement jobs on all kinds of glass doors. The company caters to all service calls anywhere in Singapore which you can schedule any time of the week.

Sliding/Glass Door Repair Services

We can repair your glass door for you. If you have a broken glass or a damaged frame, we use quality glass and glass filler to do the repairs. We have repairmen who are prepared to do what is necessary to make it look closer to the original door before it got damaged.

Repairing Glass Door Panel

Glass doors and sliding doors, beautiful as they are, are susceptible to failures and breakdowns. The beating they get from mother nature, heavy use, and even dirt will cause the failure of the guide track, rollers, trims or other parts. This may cause the glass to break, the door to be misaligned, or even the entire door to fall off. Consequently, this may affect how the door functions and it may also pose a danger to its users. With this in mind, we offer glass door and sliding door repair services designed to enable your door to function efficiently and safely. Our work includes:

  • Fix sliding glass door track
  • Replacement glass
  • Sliding door latch repair
  • Sliding door wheel, roller & track repair/replacement
  • Latch repair & replacement
  • Door handle & panel replacement

Why Choose Us

A5 Door prides itself in the professional service that they’re able to provide to customers. We have glass door repair and replacement experts who have years of experience in the field. You also get courteous and helpful staff who cater to your needs when you’re inquiring for a service or setting an appointment.

We have the tools and equipment necessary to do the job quickly. We have door specialists who can perform the services you need. Clients can also rely on us during emergencies because they will attend to repair jobs and even deliver new replacement glass doors for your home.

Testimonials About Our Door Repair Services

A5Door has the most reliable glass door services in Singapore! I’m really happy I made that call.

Jeanie, -

I’ve got to say that their repairmen were very professional and did their repair relatively quickly. My wife was very happy with the results.

Jack Chua, -

Somebody told me about A5Door to help me with our door problems. I’m very happy that they were able to help me with our sliding door. Now, it’s running on the track smoothly again.

Gus Dornan, -

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Those who are looking for a reliable glass or sliding door service company or door lock service should check out A5Door.com. We have all the services you need. No need to worry about anything because our repairmen will be right at your doorstep once you’ve set an appointment. Setting up a schedule is easy because you can do it on our website. Everything is a breeze. Book us right now!

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