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Looking for a Bedroom Door Supplier in Singapore?

Welcome! A5 Door is one of the top contractors when it comes to the bedroom door servicing needs of residential houses. Our team has years of experience on their belts in handling bedroom door works such as installation, replacement, and repair.

The first thing that needs to be done when installing a bedroom door is to make sure that the door will fit into the opening of the room and each side should be level. The floor should also be level and figure out much is needed to cut off from the doorjamb.

Type of Bedroom Door

Bedroom doors are known for giving privacy on the personal space that the bedrooms offer. So it is important to choose the right type of door for the bedroom.

Panel Door

For a classic style that never gets old, a panel door is the best choice for you. Usually, it contains three or four rails and three vertical stiles, in which they are filled with thinner panels for more support and strength. Panel Doors are also the most popular type of door for bedrooms and even for exterior ones. Panel doors are also very easy to design and be made to any shape and have better soundproof materials.

Flush Door

For a simpler door, a flush door is the door of you. It is usually made from a single piece of wood and is usually flat on both sides. You can still decorate or carve the door and goes very well with a contemporary style of the room. This type of door is usually lightweight making it easier for handling. They require very low maintenance and are waterproof and good sound insulator, giving privacy every bedroom requires.

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When you need someone to help install or repair your door, A5 Door will be here for you, and you can avail our service in three easy steps:

1. Contact us, and the representative will assist you with whatever issue you might be facing and assess what services you will be needed.

2. An expert will be consulted with the workload and materials needed and how much time would be needed to complete the work needed to be done.

3. A representative will be at your door in the soonest time possible and start with whatever service was needed for your home with all the tool, materials, and expertise needed for the door.

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For the repair or installation of bedroom doors, contact us here at A5Door. We always have an expert ready to help you with whatever your bedroom door needs.

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