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Looking for a Shower Screen Supplier in Singapore?

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Welcome! A5 Door supply and install high-quality shower screen for residential in Singapore since 2013.  We not only assist you with all your door needs in the business place or residential homes, but our expert team can also handle other installations such as shower screens.

Shower screens have been chosen more and more especially on small bathrooms because of the illusion that it makes, making the space of a bathroom seems bigger and in the same time still giving the needed privacy.

A shower screen can be framed, semi-framed, or frameless.  There are also different types of glasses that you can choose from. There are the antiqued glasses that gives the vibe of a traditional bathroom, frosted glass that gives a soft appearance while still giving that much-needed privacy, and tinted shower glasses that adds a hint of color to the shower screen while still making it look more spacious.

First and foremost when installing a shower screen, careful planning should be made, drawing up where the screen will be installed and making sure that the frames or tiles can fully support the screen. After that, we begin to install the panels, while making sure that the panel is level with the wall and with each other. Lastly, the screen will be