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A5 Door has been an expert in glass sliding door installation for more than a decade, doing the installation, repair, and maintenance work for glass sliding doors in both residential and commercial properties.

Sliding glass door is one of the most complexes process to install among all types of doors, which also means that it is a task not apt for DIY. To save on cost and time, make sure to never settle for less when it comes to installing your sliding door. The professional carpenters and door experts from A5 Door is ready to deliver our promise of fast and quality service. We have a great network of suppliers for fibreglass and frames to give you nothing but durable and intricately installed doors.

Benefits of Using Glass Sliding Door

There is a long list of reasons why several properties, whether commercial or residential are switching to sliding doors, particularly made from glass. It is more than just a design trend, while it also does not harm to go with the trend in terms of property designs. Here are more benefits of shifting to a glass sliding door:

1) Seamless view of the outdoor

Glass doors allow a great view of the outdoor, which is particularly useful for property owners who have also invested in their gardens, lawn, or yard. This view can typically add to the overall look of the house or shop. This means that it is also best to invest in a great view when transitioning to a glass door for it to fully serve its function.

2) Helps you save on electricity cost

Did you ever think how doors influence your energy consumption? Unfortunately, not so many people realize the role of doors not just in overall ventilation, but also in how much energy they consume. Glass sliding door happens to be one of the most energy-efficient types of doors. One, because it lets that light in during the daytime, making lights less necessary. Second, the frames of sliding doors are made to be weatherproof, so your air conditioning units do not have to work too hard to cool the room. This little tweak in the structure of a property will have an accumulated impact on your long-term energy consumption.

3) Space Efficient

Contrary to French doors, today’s glass sliding doors are now designed to be slimmer, making it more space efficient. All you need is the entryway where the glass panels and frames will be installed, and you basically will have enough moving space.

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