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Looking for a Wooden Door Supplier in Singapore?

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Welcome! We supply and install the high-quality wooden door for numerous customers around Singapore. Our team are well-trained and experience in installing various type of wooden door for home, office and commercial. There are two main parts of a wooden door that should be prioritized, the frame and the shutter. It would require proper selections of materials depending on the purpose of the door.

Framed and panelled doors are commonly used for inside houses while plane timber doors are usually used in exterior locations. The main advantage of the wooden doors is the availability of the materials needed. They are also not affected by the temperature because of the natural composition that makes it resistant to sunlight and other weather. Wooden doors also have a long life if well-taken care. The frames also provide a support to the door, making it strong and sturdy. And lastly, wooden doors give that classic look that is associated with elegance.