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Welcome! We supply and install the high-quality wooden door for numerous customers around Singapore. Our team are well-trained and experience in installing various type of wooden door for home, office and commercial. There are two main parts of a wooden door that should be prioritized, the frame and the shutter. It would require proper selections of materials depending on the purpose of the door.

Framed and panelled doors are commonly used for inside houses while plane timber doors are usually used in exterior locations. The main advantage of the wooden doors is the availability of the materials needed. They are also not affected by the temperature because of the natural composition that makes it resistant to sunlight and other weather. Wooden doors also have a long life if well-taken care. The frames also provide a support to the door, making it strong and sturdy. And lastly, wooden doors give that classic look that is associated with elegance.

View All Wooden Door Designs
View All Wooden Door Designs

Type of Wooden Door

There different types of wooden doors that can be installed both in the offices or at home. Listed below are some of it and how it would help with your everyday activity.

Oak Doors

The oak door is one of the most popular choices for external doors because of its natural rings that give the elegant vibes. Despite its higher price, the majority still chooses this material because if treated well, it can last a lifetime. It is also a great insulator that can keep your home warm on the cold days and cool in the summer. Oak doors are also great for noise reduction, keeping the room silent and avoid the noise of the streets and neighbours.

Pine Doors

For a traditional but modern feels for the home, Pine Doors are perfect for you. They are mostly panelled and over veered in order to provide more stability. They are usually cheaper than the oak door and many people still prefer the way it looks. It is also lighter and more resistant to shock. Aesthetically, pine door creates a clean looking bright door that accepts finishes and stains well. They are also very adaptable for any appearance you might like for your door, from rustic interiors, sophisticated look, and natural hues that can brighten up a small room. Like Oak Doors, Pine doors also offer a good sound insulating property, especially for enhancing the acoustics of a room.

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Depending on your security needs and aesthetic style you can choose either of the two types of wood commonly used on door. And if you need any help with everything from choosing the right material, installing the wooden door, repairing and maintenance, and everything else, A5 Door can help you with it. We have expert designers and technicians that can help you with every step of the way. Our services are always on time and we make sure that the quality of our work is top-notched.

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