If you happen to be stuck with a door with no pre-installed door closer, we have found the top-rated door closers in Singapore that you can easily incorporate in your own doors. Mostly, door closers are must-haves for industrial spaces, especially in fire doors. This ensures the safety and proper door closing, in case it has been automatically or manually opened.

However, a door closer is also convenient for our own home. Fortunately, these five-door closers are easy to install and will not ruin the integrity of your existing door frames. Check them out below:

#1 – King Door Closer 70 Series 172

One of the most durable products in the market today. Not only that, it is also multi-functional. Apart from automatically closing the door, it also comes with a hold-open function.

  • Strong & Durable
  • 2 Speed Adjustment
  • Non-Handed
  • Max Door Weight 25kg – 45kg
  • Adjustable Arms

This one has been used even in commercial spaces, but since it’s adjustable, we also highly recommend this for home use. Buying this online will also include installation services from the supplier. Check it out here.

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 #2 – Atena 88 3 ABC, Standard Arm Door Closer

This one can handle heavy doors of up to 80 kilograms. It is also relatively easy to install and adjust it according to the opening angle of your door.

  • Closing Force – Spring Strength (EN) 2 to 4 (By Position)
  • Standard Door Width for Installation 850mm to 1100mm
  • Max. Door Weight 80KG
  • Arms Type – Standard
  • Closing Speed Angle 15 Deg to 180 Deg Adjustable by valve
  • Latching Speed Angle 0 Deg to 15 Deg Adjustable by valve

If you are not confident about installing it yourself, make sure to choose items online that come with free installation services. Check similar products here.

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#3 – Nika Slide Arm with Door Closer – Slamming Prevention

One of our issues with some door closer is how they tend to slam the door, notably heavier ones. This leads to needing door stoppers on top of the closer. We like the slamming protection that comes with Nika Door closer.

  • Adjustable closing and latching speed
  • Adjustable angle to prevent the door from fully opening towards the wall
  • High quality, durable material

This slide arm door also has one of the subtlest designs so it will not compete with your existing interior. You can buy it here with complete services.