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Are you looking to install or replace your toilet door in Singapore? We offer various type of toilet door design and quality according to your needs.

Installation of toilet doors focuses on privacy and comfort for the room. Regardless of what type of door you would choose, the first step on installation is making sure that the door you chose fits the doorway opening of the bathroom. Next is to make sure that every measurement is correct. The next step would depend on what type of door you choose, but no matter what type of door, A5 Door can do professional and expert work with top-notch quality.

Types of Toilet Door

Pocket Doors

One factor to consider when choosing a toilet door is the space. One way to save space is using pocket doors, which slides into the wall instead of being opened giving you more space and room for other features. These types of doors are making a comeback right now because aside from the space saving, it can also be aesthetically pleasing to look at.

Sliding Glass Doors

Another way of saving space in the toilet where there is a limited floor space as the door does not swing. It can also be frosted to maintain a spacious and airy look but still keeps the privacy of the room. Sliding glass doors are also perfect for bringing in the natural light that not only gives a new aesthetic but would also help you save energy.

Simple Panel Doors

For a classic look, simple panel doors are the door for you. They are the most commonly used interior door, but they never go out of style. Aside from giving the much-needed privacy, they are also very simple and versatile that would look natural in any kind of setting.

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