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Are you looking to install a tempered glass door at your home or commercial area? We are one the top tempered glass contractor in Singapore offers various type of tempered glass door at an affordable price.

Just like any door installation, installing a tempered glass door starts with measuring the opening for the door. After that, the flashing would be applied which is a waterproof adhesive that prevents the water from entering around the edges.

After setting the door grams on the opening of the room, the glass panels and handles would be installed. One thing to consider is when a glass is adjacent to the door within a 24-inch arc, it should also be tempered to give the same features and strength especially if it is less than 60 inches from the floor.

Tempered glass doors can be swinging, sliding, fixed or operable. No matter what you would choose from, tempered glass is the way to go because of its safety features.