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Are you looking to install a tempered glass door at your home or commercial area? We are one the top tempered glass contractor in Singapore offers various type of tempered glass door at an affordable price.

Just like any door installation, installing a tempered glass door starts with measuring the opening for the door. After that, the flashing would be applied which is a waterproof adhesive that prevents the water from entering around the edges.

After setting the door grams on the opening of the room, the glass panels and handles would be installed. One thing to consider is when a glass is adjacent to the door within a 24-inch arc, it should also be tempered to give the same features and strength especially if it is less than 60 inches from the floor.

Tempered glass doors can be swinging, sliding, fixed or operable. No matter what you would choose from, tempered glass is the way to go because of its safety features.

The Benefits of Tempered Glass Door

The main advantage of the tempered glass door is its safety. When ordinary glass doors are broken, they form large sharp shards that can cause some injuries, especially with children. Tempered glass would reduce this risk as when it unfortunately break, it would break to very small pebble-like pieces and would not shatter everywhere. At the event that it would break, they also much easier to clean up as you can sweep it like small rocks or even vacuum it.

Tempered glass is designed to be four to five times stronger than ordinary glass doors which means it is more durable and can survive strong weather conditions. The process of making it would cause a stronger bond between the molecules in the glass. In fact, tempered glass is not only used for doors but also on windshields and windows.

Because this certain glass was cured when being made with changes in temperature, tempered glasses have twice the thermal stability of normal glasses. The glass will not weaken or melt when exposed to direct heat. This is perfect especially on places with hot temperature and busy kitchens such as on restaurant where there is always something cooking. It would also help maintain the temperature of the room.

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When you need help with installing or replacing a tempered glass door in your residence or office, A5 Door can be easily contacted with these steps.

  1. Contact our hotline or via our website and a representative would answer all your inquiries and give you a free quotation on the service needed
  2. An expert would visit the place of concern and assess the materials and tools need for the work. This can be arranged via a schedule that is most convenient for you.
  3. The service would be delivered at the arranged time and date without delays. Our experts will be time efficient while making sure that the safety and quality of work is top notched.

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For security and safety, tempered glass doors are the way to go, and we here at A5Door offers you all the service you might need for installing them. Contact us today and we would help you not only with the installation but also with choosing the right tempered glass for your home and office needs.

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