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Glass and sliding doors bring forth a unique combination and balance of form and function to homes and businesses. There are very other types of doors that can be awe-invoking, good to look at, and complement the overall design of the property and at the same time meets their every functional need other than glass and sliding doors. These doors will protect your house from the elements while at the same time make you feel as if you are outdoors owing to the high amounts of natural sunlight it lets in.

It is, therefore, a little wonder that glass doors are some of the most popular doors in Singapore at large. More and more homeowners are investing in glass for their beauty and versatility. However, just as it is with everything else, over the cause of their life, you can expect a glass door to experience failures and breakdowns.

This is where A5 Door comes in. We are leading door installation and repair contracting company, with a penchant for glass doors. We specialize in glass door project, their size, design requirements, and placement notwithstanding. Additionally, having worked on numerous projects on the residential and commercial front, we accrued valuable experience in all matters glass doors. You will be hard-pressed to find any other contractor with the understanding, hands-on experience, and even a passion for our work than us.

Premium Glass Door Services

We have designed each and every aspect of our service delivery process to focus on our clients and customers. Our customer-centric services delivery philosophy has been the guiding star that enabled us (and continues to enable us) to provide the highest-quality services possible. When you contract A5 Door, you can rest assured of receiving premium door services at a fair price point, regardless of whether we are dealing with the typical glass door or a sliding glass door.

Glass Door Repair Services

Glass doors, however modern, can accumulate wear and tear throughout the years. This is particularly true for glass doors being used in shops and other commercial buildings. This is why we have formed a team to focus on glass door repairs alone to ensure that we are able to deliver our promise of premium door services.

Sliding Door Installation

Shifting from traditional glass doors to sliding door can be both exciting and stressful. Door renovations, in general, can also be one of the most tasking parts, given that it can definitely halt business operations and even daily home functions. Our installation team put high regard for our client’s precious time and gets the job done faster than most, without compromising quality.

Sliding Door Repair and Maintenance

Sliding doors are convenient and energy efficient, but they also require regular maintenance work for it to work efficiently for your home or shop. To ensure high quality and professional servicing and maintenance work for your sliding doors, A5 Door’s specialists are always ready to assist you.

If you are searching for other services, do visit our list of trusted home service providers.

Our Core Values

Fast and Efficient Service

We believe in avoiding delays in our services. Every hour, every day delayed may mean further damages to the glass door. We have made our entire system as efficient as possible from booking to service delivery.

Happy Team Members

We believe in the power of happy and content members of a company in delivering our promise to our clients. This positive disposition will be experienced by our clients through our accommodating service.


We know how annoying it is to have to deal with lots of hidden charges in the services that you book. When you ask for a quotation from us we give you the exact amount you need to pay, no hidden charges.

Excellence and Growth

We continue to strive for improvement in our operations and services as we build our client base. Part of this growth is the constant career development and skills training of our team members to be at par with the international standards of glass door servicing.

We look forward to servicing your homes and offices!

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