7 Best Door Viewer in Singapore – Complete Review 2020

7 Best Door Viewer in Singapore – Complete Review 2020 2020-03-22T15:35:40+08:00

Door viewers, or what we often call as peephole has been home security essential that we never thought we needed until we had one installed. We know this from the many hotels we’ve stayed in, but never thought it will work wonders for our home, as well.

If you are planning to install door viewers in one of your properties, here are the brands and models that we can confidently recommend:

1: Yale DDV1 Digital Door Viewer

Gone are the days when you have to literally peep into a hole to see who is outside your house. Yale offers this accurate digital viewer that comes with its own memory storage.

  • Compatible with 14mm hole of mechanical doors
  • Comes with an LCD viewing screen
  • 105 degrees viewing angle
  • Memory storage expandable with micro SD

Offering nothing but accurate technology and security, this door viewer automatically saves images in its internal memory, with corresponding date and time. You can buy high-quality Yale products here.

2: YALE Door Viewer (Digital) and Doorbell 2-in-1 with Automatic Mode

If you still have not bought installed doorbell in your home, then this will come as a handy option for you. This digital viewer has an integrated doorbell, and also offers similar features as the DDV1 model.

  • Compatible with 14mm hole of mechanical doors
  • Comes with an LCD viewing screen
  • 105 degrees viewing angle
  • Memory storage expandable with micro SD

All images stored likewise come with time and date stamp, as well, plus the LCD viewing screen ensures clear images. You can get all the best packages and promotions for Yale products here.

3: Ring Video Doorbell 2 & Security Door Viewer

We got amazed with the smart technology of Ring’s new door viewer. With affordable installation fees, you get to enjoy the convenience and security offered by this door viewer.

  • Alexa compatible, allowing you to talk with guests outside
  • 1080 HD video, with night vision
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Live-view in-demand video

It’s basically a multi-functional product that can serve as your doorbell, door viewer, and even CCTV when you are away from your house. Get their extra bundle offering here today.

4: Eques VEIU Mini 2 (A27) Digital WIFI Door Viewer

This is basically an overall surveillance tool that already works as a CCTV. You can access all the data either from your phone or PC, even when you are away from your property.

  • PIR Motion Sensor Model
  • 2gb free internal memory, expandable
  • Super IR LED for night/low-light vision
  • Video and photo recording

This is highly recommended for high valued properties whether it is residential or commercial. This has proven to provide us with peace of mind to especially with children at home. You can get it at its discounted price here.

5: Yale Security Real Living Digital Door Viewer DDV8032 -619

If you are worried about shifting to a digital door viewer, then you should go for Yale products as they are designed to easily replace mechanical viewers, without causing too much damage on your door.

  • 2 inch LED display with clear images
  • Weather-resistant
  • 105 degrees viewing angle
  • Single-button operation.

It comes with an elegant and seamless look, as well. So you do not have to worry about it looking too intrusive in terms of design, especially in your front door. Get the best offers for Yale products here.

6: 7-STAR – Smart Wireless Wifi Video Doorbell & Viewer

Whether you are living in a condominium or a gated property, you will find this Smart door viewer to be a welcome addition to your security features. It comes with its own app that you can use on your Android or IOS phones.

  • IR sensor for the night or low light viewing
  • 166-degree viewing angle
  • Motion detection
  • Wifi-range up to 66 ft.

It is so convenient to use since you do not need to get up just to see who is on your doorstep. Everything can be remotely monitored. You can buy this multi-functional smart door viewer here.

7: Digoo DoorBell 720P HD WIFI Wireless Video Camera Viewer

This enables two-way communication between you and the person on your doorstep, which adds a lot to the overall security feature of this camera viewer.

  • Runs on regular AA batteries
  • WIFI Connection
  • One-Button Call Support
  • Remote app on a smartphone

This product is guaranteed waterproof, as well. So you can be confident for it to keep functioning even when placed outdoor. This is available for online purchase here.

Why Buy Door Viewer

Mechanical door viewers are often associated with hotels and condominiums, but with the latest innovations, door viewers are becoming more accessible and more compelling to use even for a regular household.

Advanced door viewers are now digital, which means they have built-in cameras and viewing screen for more convenient and secure living. Some of these viewers even allow you to see movement or activity remotely simply. If you want optimum security for your property, primarily if you are located in far-flung neighbourhoods, door viewers will prove to be a significant contribution for a more peaceful home living.

Shifting from a mechanical viewer to a digital one is also now made more manageable, with most products providing an easy-install feature that readily matches the current specs of most doors.

Check out our top recommended products from our list below:

1-Yale DDV1 Digital Door Viewer
2-YALE Door Viewer (Digital) and Doorbell 2-in-1 with Automatic Mode
3-Ring Video Doorbell 2 & Security Door Viewer

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