Why You Should Choose A Glass Door

A glass door is a common fixture in many homes in Singapore. These can come in many different designs and shapes. It serves various functions depending on where it’s installed or what you, the owner, needs to do with it.

What we have here is a simple guide when choosing a glass door that will suit any location inside your house. The discussions will also revolve around the things to look for when trying to find a glass door for you home in Singapore.

There are many names referring to a glass door which mostly describe the design of the whole installation such as fenestration and glazing. There will be exhaustive descriptions on the types of glass doors you can find right away.

Your glass door might be installed inside a frame made of aluminum, steel, or wood. There are also glass doors that have a hybrid frame where the manufacturer uses two types of materials for the frame. The usual combinations are wood on the inside and aluminum on the outside.

Wooden framed glass doors require high maintenance cost because it constantly needs refurbishing to make it look brand new. If you can refinish it regularly, you create a more traditional look providing a warmth that would be different from today’s modern houses.

You can find glass door companies in Singapore who have large glass doors that can be installed to give your home that old charm. Glass sliding doors like these are simple but elegant because of the seamless construction and it rides along it’s sliding track with ease. This is perfect if you have a terrace or balcony because it acts as the boundary from the inside to the outside of your home.

Modern homes have an aluminum frame to house their glass doors. These can be found frequently in today’s homes in Singapore. They come in different shapes, sizes, mechanism, use, and what you prefer design wise.

There are standard glass doors being sold by manufacturers that can fit into any kind of installation. Buyers can also choose more expensive doors with quality finish. The premium price set for these products are worthwhile since there are uniquely designed doors in the upper range of door choices.

An aluminum frame for your new home is the frugal decision. These are much lower priced than other types of doors because the materials are cheaper compared to wood. An aluminum frame is sold by many glass doors manufacturers in Singapore.

You can have a glass door in an aluminum frame for both your home or commercial space. There are standard and premium services as well. It all depends on your budget. The standard types are more economical, but the size has a limit. Larger glass doors in aluminum frames will be better for commercial spaces.

Choosing a glass door with steel frame would be perfect if you are using it industrially. The profile is a thin compared to its aluminum counterpart, but this frame is more expensive. Its style however provides a more dramatic look when you’re thinking about the design.

Glass doors are now a fixture in many homes and buildings. It has many different designs and frames that you can fit into any interior plan. The versatility allows you to be creative and a sturdy frame will allow your glass door to last.

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