Entry doors are an important part of any home. It greets everyone at the front before they can enter your home and see what’s inside which is why you need to make a good first impression with its design and build.

Where the door is placed is also the key factor in why it is damaged from wear and tear quicker than other parts of your home. Older houses have wooden doors that are a good classic look but it is more vulnerable than installing doors with manufactured materials.

Nowadays, door makers are selling products made of various materials ranging from manufactured metals to hardwood doors to composite materials. The technology of door-making has given the consumer a wide range of options.

There are now entry door systems which not only allows you to purchase a single door but it comes with its own frame and weather stripping once you buy it. You get all the other components such as locksets and hinges integrated into a system which was designed to be reliable and energy efficient.

Manufacturing of doors has also integrated many materials to make one entire product. There are now wooden doors with steel frames. Wooden frames are now used on metal and fiberglass doors. You have several options now which allows you to choose based on design, budget, durability, and even the security it can provide.

Shopping Tips

Everything is now online, even door buying. As part of due diligence, you need to check out the doors available online to get a feel of what you can see at the store. The products you see online will have a detailed description of the materials used, size, dimensions, and entry door system which will be useful when you get to the physical store and start picking through the options. There are local retailers listed online which you can check out to see who is nearest to your home.

Nowadays, everything is about environment-friendly products. Manufacturers have now made fiberglass and steel doors for customers who have a more insulation feature. There are certifications and standards that have a mark on doors that have these energy efficient features. Preventing energy leaks and heat transfer is important in having an energy efficient system for your home. All the energy savings you can get will show in your house bills.

Think about the installation procedure for your door. You have to know the size of your frame, the placement, and other considerations you might have such as sidings, insulations, etc. Don’t hesitate to work with a professional if you don’t have any prior experience with what you’re doing.

Entry doors should be secure to protect your home and your family. Check the lock if its strong enough to withstand small burglaries. Solid doors can still be easily removed if your door jam, locks, and the strike plate is not strong enough to withstand a strong kick. You can also install a deadbolt lock to reinforce the locking system. Longer 3-inch screws can be used to mount your door on the frame. These are important features with any entry point even those in the garage.

Types of Doors

Wooden Doors

A wooden door is a quality option for a classic look. Maintenance is crucial with wooden doors because of the scratches and botches it can take due to long exposure to harsh elements. You can easily repair or refinish a wooden door with the help of a professional. These types of doors are sold at a relatively higher price that its manufactured counterpart. Make sure you’ve incorporated that in your budget.

Steel Doors

Steel doors are commonly bought by consumers nowadays. This variant is more weather-resistant and provides good security. Be careful of dents but otherwise, you wouldn’t be worried about maintenance and repair for a steel door. Repairing a dent can be tedious and be wary of rust to make sure it’s always in great condition.

Fiber Glass Doors

Fiber Glass is a very practical material to use in entry doors. They can be made to look like wood with treatment but they’re wearing and tear resistant as well. They don’t dent that easily which is ideal for keeping maintenance and repair to a minimum.