Things you can do to refinish your wooden door

Wooden doors are an attractive piece of installation in any home. You see it first more than any other feature in your house, especially your guests. However, a small gel stain continued exposure to sunlight, and other damaging effects of your immediate home environment will slowly cause your wooden door’s appeal to deteriorate.

When you notice your door’s color fading, large botches on the surface, and scratches maybe it’s time to consider doing a refinishing job to it. It would be easy to just replace the door with a new one. But, the problem arises when you have a tight budget.

The restoration of the wooden door can actually be done at your home. Whether you call a professional or you do-it-yourself, the process is pretty straightforward. I’m writing this to tell you how it should go so your door can look good again. Here are a few simple steps:

  1. Unhinging
  2. Take out pieces/features (knobs, handles, keyholes, etc.)
  3. Sanding
  4. Wood Stain Application
  5. Varnishing
  6. Reinstallation


Your wooden door is installed on hinges on a frame. You need to first take it out of those hinges so you can lay it on a flat surface. It would be easier to take the next steps once you have it laid down and not still standing up.

Place ample support on the door if it’s made of heavy engineered wood, oak, cherry, or poplar. Insert some wooden blocks at the bottom to keep the door supported as you remove it. The pins should be removed moving upwards. You can use your flat head screwdriver for that.

Take out pieces/features

Wooden doors have some pieces and features that you need to remove before you start refinishing it. Knobs, handles, deadbolts, locks, and metal plates are just some of the common pieces you see on classic wooden doors.

The reason why you need to remove these features is to get the best finishing work done. You can get to every nook and cranny of your door and apply the varnish evenly which would otherwise be obstructed when you leave them on.


Now that your wooden door is clean, the first thing you should do is sanding. You can opt for a machine or doing it by hand. You can get into the little details if you do it manually. The machine would help you do it quicker. Make sure you have the different-numbered sandpaper that allows you to finely do the work for it.

Wood Stain Application

After a wooden door has undergone sanding, dust will have noticeably accumulated. Use a sweeper or vacuum to clean the door of any dust because you wouldn’t apply your wood stain on a dirty door. Wipe off the door completely with a rag.

Choose the wood stain that would fit the design you want to achieve with your door and make sure it fits with the theme of your house. If you can manage to find the original stain of your door, then you can apply it right away. Allow the wood stain to dry completely.


Varnish is used for the finishing touches on the door. Find a varnish that it made for the outdoors which will help protect the wood stain from the wear and tear dealt by the natural environment. You don’t want your new door to look old.

There are now special varnishes that can protect from ultraviolet rays. Coating it a couple of times would be enough to get the protection done. The finish would depend on what you want while most varnishes are glossy you can also go with a more satin finish.


Make sure you have all the pieces you removed earlier reattached to the door. Maybe throw in some polishing work for the metallic pieces as well. Guide the door with blocks and slowly reinstall it on the hinges and be sure you have it secure on the frame.

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