Sliding Glass Doors and Why to Buy Them

There are many door types to choose from when you consider the entry types that are available in the market. Sliding doors serves a great function and many have adopted it for their homes especially in Singapore.

Doors that separate the patio from the house would be the first place you’ll see a sliding glass door installed. The door should seamlessly connect the outside with the inside of the house, but must be energy efficient, provide beauty, and will secure your home.

A sliding door traditionally has a two panel with each section fitted with glass. The standards sliding doors has a fixed panel and the other one is mobile where it travels on a track to open or close the door system. You’d see rollers fitted on the frame to allow the glass panel to move from left to right parallel to the fixed panel.

As a door buyer, it’s crucial you check the materials used to make the door. Check the type of glass used to make sure it is of quality make and will serve the purpose it was bought for. Choosing from laminated, stained, and other types of glass should be one of the things you consider.

Frames can also differ with the more popular one being aluminum, wood, and steel. Wooden frames have an advantage in terms of aesthetic appeal, but they’re known to have a short life compare to other types of frames. There is also the standard metal (steel or aluminum) frames found in many homes around Singapore. These tend to be sturdier than the wooden frames but will conduct heat, cold, and electricity.

Door manufacturers have created different designs and introduced many different features on doors. It’s important that you be able to find a quality manufacturer that has built a good reputation in the industry to purchase your sliding glass door.

A sliding door when properly installed will be easy to operate. The track will support the door which means you won’t have any problem opening and closing the door when you need to. Just make sure you grease it well when the frame is metal to avoid stuck ups.

Since sliding doors travel on a track, you won’t be opening it with the traditional push and pull motion. This saves space because the door travels left to right. Smaller homes will greatly benefit from having a sliding door for their entry ways.

Sliding doors with a secure design will only travel on a track without being easily removed from operation. This means a burglar or thief can’t easily enter your home because they’d think twice in breaking the glass since it would blow their cover.

There are also sliding doors that are fitted with insulation which makes it energy efficient especially in air-conditioned rooms. The cold won’t escape the room that easily which means the AC won’t work as hard to keep the room cool which is better for your electrical bill.

Your sliding door will provide a good view of the outside of your home which means if you have a nice garden you can see it clearly from the inside. These are all the nice features of a good sliding door.

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