Requirements for Glass Door Replacement

A house with a sliding glass door requires a big hole enough to fit two glass panels. Glass sliding door installations in Singapore are done by professionals. Checking the integrity of your structure by trying to fit a glass door on the exterior wall is important which is why you need door experts to do the job.

Replacement jobs have the added benefit of not worrying about the existing structure of your home because the load-bearing requirements per wall have already been estimated since you already had a glass sliding door in the first place.

A glass door is not doing its job properly if you see any signs of leaks or you feel a slight draft entering your space even though the door is closed. These are all signs to call a professional glass door replacement specialist to lift the heavy doors and put in new ones.

There are straight-up replacements jobs that people hire glass door experts to do. You can also find a glass door service company to change the frames of your original sliding door. The panels will be kept but it will be inside a new frame.

Door removal needs the help of multiple people which is why service companies send out an installation team. The interior trim needs to be taken out at first followed by the lifting and removal of the movable pane.

The trim must be completely removed as well as any part of the door that’s holding the panel to the track. Set aside the panels and proceed to remove the outside trim, jamb, and finally the frame of your door. Take out any loose screws, nails, and other materials left behind.

Installations of glass doors during a replacement job will be included in the one-day service package. It includes replacement of the glass doors but also the cleaning of the wall where they were installed to make way for a new door. This is a job that many try to DIY, but, you should know that it would always be better to leave it in the hands of a professional.

Sliding doors that are custom made should be fitted to the wall that will support it at first. Consulting with an expert on exterior walls will really help because you are changing the weight-bearing ability of the wall to fit a new glass door.

Many doors are properly placed in the location where it serves its function. You take into consideration the inside parts of the door because it will ultimately dictate where the door should be installed to serve its purpose.

There are cases where the door needs certain things to be moved or removed. If it involves wiring, you should consult with a professional electrician to keep the wires from being exposed and avoid any potentially hazardous situations.

There are many things to think about when talking about glass door replacements. Contact a glass door repair company in Singapore when you have a problem with your doors. Ask for a quote from your service provider and never hesitate to ask for help because that will ensure the job will get done.


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