Shower doors may sound so extra, when you could just simply use shower curtain. This is a common comment that we receive from our clients. While shower curtains certainly do the work, there are also instances when installing a shower door proves to be a worthwhile investment.

One reason why a shower door is a good investment is to increase the overall value of the property. This is more relevant for people who are looking into selling or renting out their properties eventually. Shower doors can also easily improve the overlook of the bathroom, allowing more natural light in, while also providing sufficient privacy.

Ready to explore a new shower door for your bathroom? Here are some of the most common types to choose from.

Pivot or Swinging Door

This type of shower door is more appropriate for larger bathrooms. It’s basically your typical swing door but primarily made of glass.  Pivot or swing shower door is the best options for shower areas that are not wide enough for sliding or bi-fold doors. While the swing consumes a bit of space compared to sliding doors, it is also convenient and affordable enough to install given that there is no need to alter the available space.

Depending on your budget, you can have this type of door framed or frameless. The frameless type definitely looks more aesthetically appealing, but at a higher cost, as well.

Sliding Door

For wider shower area, you can definitely go for a sliding door. As a matter of fact, this type of door is one of the most space efficient among all designs of shower doors. Most bathroom spaces will only consume at most three panels, with upper and lower tracks holding it together. For other parts of the house, frameless sliding door may seem ideal for a free view. However, for bathrooms, most sliding doors come with frames for safer and easier use. If your shower area spans around 60 inches or more, then you can definitely for a sliding door.