While we all totally enjoy the beautiful and classic look of a wrought iron gate, there will come a time when it starts to scream for maintenance. Wrought iron is generally low maintenance, but after years of constant use and exposure to external elements, including changing the weather, they will start to accumulate dust, scratches, and even rust.

These signs of the times certainly do not contribute well to the overall aesthetics of the house. It’s also crucial to pay attention to door maintenance, given that it is one of the first things seen in any property. You can make your wrought iron door remain the centre of attention in your house with these easy to do maintenance and care tips.

Start with Cleaning

Although wrought iron requires less cleaning unlike other metal, regular wiping with a soft cloth with water and soap mixture will help the metal retain its lustre longer. Moreover, cleaning the iron will also make it less vulnerable to rusting. Rust happens when the metals is constantly exposed to moisture and oxygen. While iron tends to be more resilient against rusting, especially those that come with finishing, you can further extend its original appearance with regular cleaning. Make sure to thoroughly dry the entire area of the door, leaving out no moisture when possible.

Add a little personality with new paint

The original colour of wrought iron (including its coating) surely exudes its own beauty. This is even one of the reasons why property owners opt to go for wrought iron for their doors because it readily looks good as it is. However, if you’ve had your wrought iron door for a couple of years, painting it will also be a good idea. Not only does it do a good upgrade for your entire house, it is also one of the ways to protect the iron and make it last longer. Once starts to form in the wrought iron, it starts to become weaker. So the best move is not to allow any rust to form in the first place, and painting and re-painting are one of the ways to do it.

Make sure to inquire from your professional contractor about the best type of paint to use on wrought iron, since some paints may not interact well with the metal, and may only do more harm than protection. It is also recommended to use a primer prior to applying the paint for maximum rust prevention.

More tips in cleaning and painting

  • Make sure to use a soft, damp cloth in wiping the dirt off the wrought iron. Ideally, the cloth should be lint free to avoid unnecessary scratches to the iron.
  • If you are planning to repaint your wrought iron door, there is usually no need to remove all the paint. But, it is crucial to scrape off all the existing rust to prevent it from spreading.
  • Kerosene for wrought iron? You may have heard this before. And yes, it is safe to apply kerosene on a newly cleaned wrought iron door to ensure rust are fully removed. You can let the kerosene sit for a couple of minutes to hours before rinsing and drying the door.
  • It is highly recommended to use plant-based soap since they are less acidic. This is particularly important if you are cleaning on a painted wrought iron surface.

These simple steps are professional-guaranteed to preserve the durability and looks of the wrought iron door. You can likewise hire a home renovation contractor to help you with the repainting process, especially if you are dealing with more than one iron doors in your property.