A sliding door is a great feature to have in all homes. It is a space-saving option because it doesn’t obstruct any part of your house when you open or close it. Some manufacturers make doors with great designs.

Various sliding door brands are available both online and in hardware stores. When you get to the store, you don’t want to be overwhelmed with the wealth of options that you see. A simple guide will be helpful when you’re trying to find a sliding door to install.

The popular considerations for people looking for a sliding door are style, design, security, and material options. Manufacturers have developed advanced technologies to incorporate many of these features into their products. You have to tell a good sliding door from a bad one because what you don’t want is a door that won’t last.


Vinyl is the common material used for that frame of a glass sliding door. It won’t chip, crack, or bend easily plus it doesn’t require a paint job to have colour. You can buy the colour you want at the store right away.

Wooden frames are also popular because they give a classic look and feel. It requires maintenance work to keep it from deteriorating. You need to have good paint and finish the job done for it to make it stand out.


Rail size dictates the style of the sliding door you are buying. Those with a length of 3 to 5 inches around are the common styles available in the market. There are 7-inch bottom rails for sliding doors which is a unique feature of French-style sliding doors.

The plain glass style is simple and functional which makes it ideal for homeowners who want to be a minimalist. There are glass variants for sliding doors that have been cut into grids or have V-shaped grooves both of which are decorative.


Popular choices available for sliding doors are woodgrain variants. They give the illusion that your sliding door is made of wood. Oak, Maple, Foxwood, and Cherry are some of the more popular designs available in the market. You can also opt for neutral colours to give your interior a much simpler look.

There are a variety of exterior colours that you can choose from as well. Try the deep colours for a more elegant looking door. Different colours available for different themes whether you want simple, classic, or decorative there are exterior colours for sliding doors available for you.


Steel hook, Foot, and Handlock designs are now a common feature among quality sliding doors. Steel hooks reinforce the lock on your door to keep it secure. It will also close tightly preventing energy leaks from your home. Hand and foot locks are added security features, and they go well with the sliding door design which makes it a seamless addition.

The interlocking system is used for sliding doors because many burglars try to lift glass door panels out from their rails before. Manufacturers have introduced a security feature that keeps the door in place when someone tries to lift it.


Wear and tear are a common problem on the roller track of your sliding door. You should go for a stainless-steel track to keep residue from accumulating. It also doesn’t deteriorate as fast as the cheaper aluminium one.

Eco-friendly features

The glass used for your sliding door should be at least an inch thick with insulation to prevent quick temperature transfers. This variant is also durable because of the strong components. You can also look for the weather-stripping feature which is more energy efficient.