3 Top Tips on How to Maintain Your Sliding Doors

Nothing is more annoying than ending up with a sliding door that takes too much effort to open or close. Some people think that this is somehow part of the entire lifespan of any sliding door. However, when things like this happen, it is often a sign that the sliding door has not been maintained for a long time.

The sliding door is one of the major investments in any property. Proper maintenance and regular cleaning are therefore crucial in ensuring that this investment last as long possible. If you have a newly installed sliding door, a week after installation would be the best time to practice these practical and easy ways to clean and maintain a smooth functioning sliding door.

Keeping the Glass Clean and Clear

One of the beauty in having a sliding door is the seamless view of the outdoors. The glass panels make this possible. However, with extended exposure to changing temperature and other external elements, it is inevitable for the glass to become less clear. Fortunately, maintaining glass doors is easy and affordable.

All you will need is a soft cloth and detergent solution. There are also soaps that are more recommended for glass cleaning, so it is ideal to use these. Make sure to wipe dry after washing the glass with the soap solution. Most of the glass panes used for doors and windows these days are also moisture-wicking, which means there is no need to worry about water spots. They also easily dry, especially if it is exposed to the sun.

Keeping tracks clean

This is one of the most important parts of maintaining a sliding door to ensure a smooth movement. Cleaning the track is also so much easier than having it repaired. Simply open the door to and start vacuuming the area, to remove dirt and debris that have accumulated throughout the week or month. Also, pay attention to the corners of the track where dirt are most likely to accumulate the most. If this can’t be reached by a vacuum, you can use a small tip brush and cleaning solution to make sure it is clean.

Check the screws

This may not be as often as the other steps above but is also equally crucial in maintaining a sliding door. The track is made up of many screws, and once they start to get loose they can either block the door’s path or worse, cause the entire frame to be misaligned. At least twice a year, make sure to check whether the screws are still tight and are where they should be.

Also avoid the common mistake that people do with their sliding door, which is putting oil or lubricant to make it move easier. Oil will only attract more dirt and will make the cleaning more complicated. A clean and well-maintained sliding door should naturally slide with ease, even without any lubrication.

Sliding doors may not be one of the easiest doors to have, but frequent attention simple maintenance tips will help your door last longer. More importantly, it helps you avoid unnecessary expenses for repair.

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